Technical conditions

POLYEMOS Printing group has developed technical conditions for the production of label products – TU U 18.1-31632688-002-2017, which comply with all norms and rules of international standards. All products of the company are manufactured in accordance with the approved technical specifications and are carefully monitored by the quality control department at all stages of production. This guarantees the delivery to the customer of only checked and high-quality labels both for the Ukrainian market and for export markets.

Permitting documents

The POLYEMOS Printing group is duly registered in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and has all the permits required to carry out economic activities in the field of printing in Ukraine and in other countries of the world.

Production standardization

POLYEMOS Printing group is constantly being accredited by the International Organization for Standardization. The production of the company complies with international standards, which is confirmed by ISO certificates.


The production of POLYEMOS Printing group is safe and environmentally friendly, which is confirmed by the relevant conclusions of the environmental control authorities and the state sanitary and epidemiological service. The production has no harmful emissions, no noise, and the label is suitable for use on food.


POLYEMOS Printing group has been repeatedly awarded with distinctions of All-Ukrainian and International organizations. The pride of the company, among other things, is the Star of Quality and awards from regular partners.