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“Label excellence does not lie in individual features and lines, but in the general image, in the life sense that in it manifests itself “

POLYEMOS Printing group – a company that brings meaning to every image. Your label by using any currently existing moment of modern flexoprinting technologies. The printing company has been developing on the printing market since 2001 and has ample pportunities in the field of printing on self-adhesive materials from European manufacturers….


“The label is an open brand recommendation that wins the heart in advance with its beauty”

POLYEMOS Printing group works with products of all possible areas economy where label products are used as a unique brand identifier. The more visible and high-quality the label on the product, the more successful the product draws attention to the shelves in stores. In the modern world already became an axiom – high brand reputation is confirmed individuality, beauty and excellent quality of the label on the product.

Our advantages

20 years
successful experience
2 000 000
per day of finished labels
2500 km
printed products per month
continuous production
delivery countries
200 m/min
print speed

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st. Zhikharskaya, 88, town. Pokotilovka, Kharkiv district, Kharkiv region 62458, Ukraine +38-073-335-53-33

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